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Reinvesting Profits into Local Energy and Climate Projects

As part of our commitment to the local community and the environment, we proudly reinvest our profits into other local energy and climate projects. These projects can include expanding renewable energy infrastructure, supporting energy-efficiency initiatives, and funding climate resilience programs. By doing so, we create a positive cycle of sustainability and actively contribute to the […]


Fostering Collaboration and Inclusivity

At Zero North Wiltshire, we believe that the transition to sustainable energy can only succeed when everyone is involved. We actively seek partnerships with local businesses, governments, schools, and community organisations across our region to create a cohesive network dedicated to a cleaner energy future. We prioritise inclusivity, ensuring that members of our community have […]

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Relieving Cost Pressures on Communities

We are well aware of the financial challenges faced by our community members. Energy costs can be a burden, and that’s why we’ve made it part of our mission to help alleviate these pressures. Through innovative financing solutions, energy efficiency programs, and community-driven projects, we aim to make energy more affordable while simultaneously reducing our […]

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Localising Energy Projects

Localisation is a key principle that sets us apart. We believe in bringing energy production closer to home. By fostering local energy projects, we reduce our reliance on distant power sources and empower our community members to take charge of their energy supply. Whether it’s rooftop solar panels, community wind farms, or microgrids, we are […]

Harnessing Major Trends in Renewable Energy

We understand that renewable energy is no longer just a trend; it’s a necessity. Our team is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, embracing innovations in solar, wind, batteries, and more. We work tirelessly to identify the most suitable renewable energy sources for our community, ensuring that we reduce our carbon footprint and […]