Tree Planting

The Zero Chippenham Tree Planting project is a partnership with local farmers and land owners collaborating with Zero Chippenham to enable trees to be planted on less productive or unproductive areas of land (e.g. corners of fields). The scheme is administered by Zero Chippenham and the planting and maintenance of the trees is undertaken by volunteers.

Volunteer Run

The project is run by volunteers and it is a not for profit scheme intended to support Zero Chippenham’s aim of achieving zero carbon for Chippenham by 2030, in line with the Climate Emergency.

If you are a local landowner and have an area you would like to have planted we would like to hear from you.

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Only 13% of the UK’s land mass is covered in trees (3.19million hectares) vs average of 33% elsewhere in Europe and 34% in USA.

In England it is just 10% and disappointingly in Wiltshire it is only 10.2% according to Woodland Trust.

25m2 of woodland can store 1 tonne of carbon a year.

Sequesters Carbon

Trees sequester (absorb) carbon dioxide a dangerous greenhouse gas which is currently measuring 424ppm in our atmosphere (May 2023).

Rebuilds habitats for animals and other wildlife.

Reduces pollution.

Provides food (e.g. orchards).

Provides shelter and cool spaces.

Enhances Wellbeing

Trees enhances wellbeing and mental state.

Reduces soil erosion.

Can help reduce flooding.

More attractive to visitors to the area.

Great for kids adventures and den building.

Award Winning

Zero Chippenham’s tree planting at Stanley Park won the Chippenham Civic Society 2022 Conservation and Environment Award. The scheme was a partnership between Chippenham Town Council, Zero Chippenham, The Woodland Trust and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Chippenham Town Council identified land areas at Stanley Park Sports ground that could be planted.

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