Zero North Wiltshire was founded in 2022 as a local renewable energy company. We are a passionate group of individuals dedicated to transforming the way we access and utilise energy across our communities, while playing a vital local role in the fight against climate change.  

We believe that the future of energy lies in sustainability, self-reliance, and inclusivity. Our mission is to empower our communities to take control of their energy future amidst the profound shifts that we are seeing in the energy landscape and economy – harnessing the major trends in renewable energy, localising energy projects, and helping to alleviate cost pressures on neighbourhoods and local businesses. 

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What we do?

Reinvesting Profits into Local Energy and Climate Projects

As part of our commitment to the local community and the environment, we proudly reinvest [...]

Fostering Collaboration and Inclusivity

At Zero North Wiltshire, we believe that the transition to sustainable energy can only succeed [...]

Relieving Cost Pressures on Communities

We are well aware of the financial challenges faced by our community members. Energy costs [...]

Localising Energy Projects

Localisation is a key principle that sets us apart. We believe in bringing energy production [...]

Harnessing Major Trends in Renewable Energy

We understand that renewable energy is no longer just a trend; it’s a necessity. Our [...]

Our Work

We work with communities, local businesses, environmental groups, and local authorities across the Zero North Wiltshire area – see our coverage in the map to the right.  

Our work covers the identification and execution of renewable energy projects as well as the reinvestment of our profits into community initiatives across this same area. 


see our detailed coverage map

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Renewable Energy Projects

We currently have a hopper of live projects, including a rooftop solar scheme at Sheldon School, and a community stake in the planned Forest Gate solar farm.  We intend to build out this portfolio across the identified area for ZNW.  

We will also be working in partnership, including Bath and West Community Energy (BWCE), one of the UK’s most established community energy groups, and Eden Renewables.   

Sheldon School

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How to get involved?

We intend to carry out launch and information events across our communities over the coming months with the intent of increasing both awareness and membership. In addition we welcome all ideas for new projects – where you have a potential site and/or need for a community energy project.  

As we progress our project portfolio, we will be looking to raise investment, with potential for community members to get involved in the ownership of projects – we’ll be welcoming investments of anywhere from £100 – £100,000 in exchange for interest on these investments. We will be announcing upcoming investment share raises over the coming months.  

Guy leaping for Joy at Zero North Wiltshire share offer

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